Thursday, May 18, 2017

It's vacation time

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We are leaving tomorrow and will be back by the end of June. I'm taking my yarn along. I'm planning to finish the scarf that I'm working on now and start another one. 
I have learnt to make charts, so hereafter my patterns will include diagrams whenever necessary along with written instructions. 
Also, you can now find me on instagram as thelazyhobbyhopper. I haven't started following anyone yet and so far I have uploaded only one pic. I hope to get more active during my vacation when I'll be away from blogging.
Okay, I have to go since I haven't finished packing yet. Bye! 


  1. Have a great holiday! Love your scarf, so lacy but not too romantic, nice idea!

  2. Guess it was harder to decide which yarn to take along than which garments ;-) Have a great time!
    P.S.: I'll join you in Instagram too!

  3. Have a great holiday, love the scarf! xx

  4. Have a nice time! Your crochet looks beautiful, I love those colours together

  5. Lovely scarf!! Have a great vacation :)

  6. I had a search through the link, but believe it or not I am really unsure of what would work for us.



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